Hi - you DESERVE a massage - an excellent way to relax, detox and recharge to feel full of vitality. Call me and make that difference.
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Dee Welch
Phone: 0115 9124502

Take time out for massage, reduce stress levels and receive massive health benefits, whilst promoting a fresher, more radiant you.
It's that easy.

Reap the rewards by making small adjustments to the way you eat, cook and shop for food, and your whole family's wellbeing will improve.

Total Bliss - a full body holistic massage with nutrional guidance
Cellulite Manager - whole leg dry brushing followed by leg and foot massage
Quick Destressor - a soothing shoulder and back massage

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Highbury House, 22 Leicester Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 7AX

Tel: 01858 466615:
Email: dee.welch@hotmail.co.uk